Sometimes used to sell coal on foot, today, in the convoy of cars like Audi, Mercedes.

The truth has been told that the harder the struggle, the greater the success. And we have been seeing many examples of this in the days to come. Not only do we get inspiration from all these stories, but there is such hope in us that even the most difficult tasks seem easy. 

Taking forward this link of inspirational stories, today we have brought the story of a woman who, despite facing countless economic, social and unknown struggles, is today considered as an influential industrialist.

Savitaben Devjibhai Parmar, famous in Gujarat by the name of Savitaben Kolsawala or Coalwali, does not deserve any introduction today. There was a time when Savitaben used to do the business of selling coal from door to door, but today she owns crores of crores.

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This journey from floor to harem was not so easy. The story of Savitaben, who founded such a huge empire on the basis of poverty and struggle, is no less than a film.

How it started

Savitaben is a woman from a very poor Dalit family in Ahmedabad, the industrial capital of Gujarat. The financial condition of the house was very bad from the beginning. Her husband could not earn enough from the job of the conductor in Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service to maintain his joint family. 

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Somehow the bread of two times could be destined. In this situation, Savitaben also decided to leave the house for work. But the biggest hurdle was that she was completely illiterate so nobody wanted to hire her.

Black coal brightened its fortunes

Even after doing a lot of rounds, she did not hire anyone, then, in the end, she thought of doing some work of her own. Savitaben's parents used to sell coal. Taking inspiration from her parents, she also decided to start the work of selling coal. But the biggest challenge was that they did not have the money to buy goods. Therefore, under compulsion, Savitaben took the burnt coal out of the mills and started selling it from door to door.

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Recalling her days of struggle, Savitaben says that being a Dalit, the traders did not do business with them. The coal traders had an opinion about her that she is a Dalit woman, what would we do if she ran away with the goods tomorrow.

How to make crores of business

In spite of all the challenges, Savitaben never gave up and remained steadfast in her path of action. She managed to make a long list of his customers by selling coal from house to house. Years and years of hard work started paying off and they started making good profits. 

He started a small coal shop with the aim of expanding his business. Within a few months, they started getting orders from small factories. During this time a ceramic one ordered him in the thong. And then Savitaben's factory tour began. He would have had the opportunity to visit various factories for distribution and payment of coal.

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Taking inspiration from this, Savitaben started a small ceramic furnace. By supplying good quality ceramics at very cheap prices, he did good business in a short time and never looked back. This series of progress continued to grow like this. In 1989, she started manufacturing premier ceramics and in 1991 started exporting ceramics products to many countries, laying the foundation of a company called Sterling Ceramics Limited.

Today, Svitaben dominates the list of the most successful businesswomen in the country. She has a convoy of luxury cars like Audi, Pajero, BMW, Mercedes and a spacious ten-bedroom bungalow in the posh area of ​​Ahmedabad.

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