In childhood, he was forced to drink gutter water, today the owners of crores fly on a private plane

We have read hundreds of people's struggle success stories so far. We got a lot to learn from each story, but believe me, the story of today is the most different of a person who inherited poverty and hunger.

Born into a poor Harijan family, this person saw in front of his eyes his three siblings dying due to starvation and dirty water from the gutters. He spent his childhood fighting other deadly diseases like smallpox, typhoid fever with great difficulty. A long illness broke his body completely but could not stop his fresh hair.

Moving forward through hard work, strong self-confidence and strong will, this man has achieved what is a dream for most people. You would not believe that these people today travel in the world's most expensive trains and fly in private aeroplanes.

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Not only this, in the village where he spent his childhood fighting the disease, today he gave a donation of 130 crore rupees for the development of the same village.

This story is about the success of Dr Kumar Bahulean, a famous neurosurgeon of the country. Born and brought up in a village in Kottayam district of Kerala, where basic things like drinking water, electricity, toilets, schools and hospitals had no connection at all.

Kumar's father somehow managed to run the family with wages. The economic condition of the house was so pathetic that one had to stay hungry for several days. Not only this, in the absence of clean water in the village, but they also had to quench their thirst with gutter water.

In the event of not getting food for several days, they had to quench their hunger with gutter water only. The suffering of hunger and consuming contaminated water killed three of his siblings.

Kumar continued to struggle with life in some way. He also had to spend his childhood battling diseases like cholera, smallpox, typhoid.

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Despite all the difficulties, Kumar had a great interest in studies since childhood. His father requested a small caste teacher to teach Kumar and then Kumar studied diligently under the guidance of this teacher of the village and went on.

Masterji always encouraged Kumar and provided him with financial assistance. For Kumar, it was a divine gift and then he excelled and enrolled in a medical college run by Christian missionaries and completed his medical studies.

Being an outstanding student, the government sent him to Scotland for extensive neurosurgical education. But after 6 years, when he returned to India after graduation, he did not get any job here. At that time there was limited use of neurosurgery in the country.

Finally, Kumar decided to move to Canada and then left for New York and started his career working at Albany Medical College. After settling in New York, in 1973, he took over as an associate professor in neurosurgery at the famous Buffalo University, learning to work with a local neurosurgeon.

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He made immense money while working in the medical world for many years. During this time, he had to come to his village and after seeing the pitiful situation here, he was stunned. Upon remembering his childhood spent in the struggle, Dr Kumar vowed to change the landscape of the entire village.

Kumar, who had seen his three siblings dying of illness in childhood, first started the process of improving the health system of the village. In this series, he founded the Bahulean Charitable Foundation in the year 1993 and established a clinic to provide proper health care to young children and pregnant women.

In this series, in the year 2007, he surprised everyone by announcing a contribution of Rs 130 crore to contribute to the development of the village. With the help of these funds, continuous work is being done to provide toilets, roads and water supply to the villagers. In order to make the Foundation financially strong, he also established health resorts, luxury rooms, health spas and gymnasiums in the year 2004.

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The man who was so poor that he was destined for the first pair of shoes at the age of 20, today rides inexpensive cars like Rolls Royale, lives in Alish bungalows and also has a private aeroplane. Well, despite all these things, his heart is really big.

The story of Dr Kumar, who travels from zero to the peak, is truly inspiring. If this story inspires you, then share it. Your response is awaited in the comment box below.
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