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Hello friends,
My name is Om Prakash Shah. I am native of Singrauli - the fifteenth district of Madhya Pradesh state - which is also known as the Power Capital of India.

From my childhood life, my passion was to contribute the society through the ground reality and real-time developments in my surrounding area.

To extend my passion I've acquired a master's degree in Business Administration (MBA). And later, I've started a school in the name of Adarsh Genius School with the am to provide quality education to the children.

In my free time, I always try to find solutions of ongoing issues in the country for a large area of humans are suffering.

To share my experience of life and to enhance knowledge among the people I've started a new portal as well as a YouTube channel in the name and style of "AAPKA GUIDE".

Aapka Guide provides Extensive Knowledge of the Different Fields Strategies and Frameworks, which will help every people to get the Best knowledge and perfect analysis of different-different cases all over the world. 

Aapka Guide allows the user to know the “Will power”, which is the best medicine for a person to get success. 

Aapka Guide is a One-Stop Platform for all Daily News Updates, Motivational Videos in different fields.

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