Door to door delivery idea made him the owner of 24,000 crore company

Every person has a desire to do whatever he/she does according to his / her interest and to succeed in it. In recent years, many entrepreneurs have emerged from the younger generation of India. Instead of working in a company, these young people started writing their own company and wrote new success stories showing interest in providing employment for others.

Today's story is also that of a young entrepreneur, who decided to leave the thick salary job in the US and return home and use technology to lay the foundation of a company which was really needed. And today they are a successful IT businessman of the country with a business in crores of crores.

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This is the story of Albinder Dhindsa, the founder of the country's premier delivery startup Raised in a middle-class family in Patiala, Punjab, Alibinder passed the IIT examination after receiving her schooling.

After successfully pursuing an engineering degree from IIT Delhi, he started his career in 2005 as a Transportation Analyst at URS Corporation in the US. After working for some time, he returned to India after studying an MBA. Here he made a fresh start to his career with Believed to have started her own startup since college days, Albinder was looking for a job as well as a business opportunity.

While working in the US, he realized a big gap in the delivery industry. He observed that the transaction between the buyer and the shopkeeper in the hyper-local space was very complex and disorganized. He saw a big business opportunity in this area.

During this time he met one of his friends Saurabh Kumar. When they discussed this gap with Saurabh, both of them realized that there is a big business opportunity in it which should not be allowed to go by hand. Together, both of them started doing the research behind this idea. In the same sequence, during a conversation with the local pharmacy businessman, he found that they carry 50-60 home deliveries in the area of   three to four kilometres.

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In the absence of infrastructure, the delivery system was emerging as a major problem at that time. They decided to create a platform that would be beneficial for the shopkeeper as well as the buyer and could reduce the market gap, without losing any time. And with this thought 'One Number' started.

He started by providing on-demand pick-up and drop-off service for customers from a pharmacy, grocery and restaurant located in close proximity to the home. While working for a few months, he found that 90 per cent of the total audience was coming from grocery and pharmacy. Then he changed his model, focusing on these two sectors, and rebranded the company as Grofers.

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