No hands, no feet, but immense courage, Nick

Nick was born on 4 December 1982 in Australia. He had no arms and legs since birth. There was a small paw (fingers full) at the place of the foot. This happens in one case in crores.

Parents became very desperate when they saw a child with no arms and legs. Even Nick's mother raised him in the lap after about 4 months.

Nick's mother was a nurse and took care of herself in pregnancy. His mother blames herself for Nick's physical deficiency. Both parents kept wondering why this happened to them? The early days of his life were difficult ones for Nick. From daily work to studies and writing there were problems, sports were far away.

Desperate, Nick also thought of suicide. At the age of 10, he tried to submerge himself in a bath tub, but survived by luck. Nick says that I felt at the time that my life was untimely. When there is no motive and strength, it is very difficult to sustain.

But a letter written by his mother changed his mind completely. This article of his mother was published in a newspaper which was a story of a disabled person winning over his disability.

Nick was around 13 at the time. He came to understand that he is not the only person struggling with disability in the world. He says that I felt that God made me do this to give expectations to others. This thinking inspired me.
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Then I made the motive of my life to encourage other people and fill the light in their lives. After this I decided that instead of getting angry about what is not, I will thank God for what I have.

However, due to the parents, he was able to become a fighter. The father was a computer programmer and accountant. At the age of 18 months, he used to leave Nick in the water so that he could learn to swim. He taught Nick how to type with the help of claws. Nick was about 6 years old at the time. Mother made a special plastic device, with the help of which Nick taught him to hold a pen and pencil. 

Despite the difficulties, the parents decided not to send them to a special school. His decision to teach with the normal children was difficult because the children were bullied in school. But this bet went ahead and proved right. They started working like ordinary children. He learned to play football and golf. Gradually learned swimming and surfing. With the help of claws, he balances the body and this paw helps in kicking. With this small claw, he also writes and types.

At the age of 17, he started lecturing in Prairie Groups. At the age of 21, he graduated in accounting and finance. He then started his career as a motivational speaker. Nick formed a company called 'Attitude is Attitude'. He also formed an NGO called 'Life without Limbs'. Gradually, he came to be known in the world as a Motivational speaker, whose own life is miraculous. Nick settled in Los Angeles in 2007.

The good thing is that he has found a true soulmate in the form of Kenia Miyhara. Nick never thought that due to physical deficiency he would find a girl who would like to be with him all his life. Nick and Kenia meet and the two fall in love at first sight. He liked Nick's good humor and his desire to do something for others.

Nick is a very positive thinking person and values ​​happiness and peace the most. Today they are teaching the whole world how to live life. Nick has traveled to more than 44 countries of the world and has taught people to live life properly. He says that I ask people to love themselves and keep motivating them to fall down. If I inspired a single person .in my life, then the purpose of my life was fulfilled..

A detailed video for related story and a wonderfull thoughts watch this video till the end..

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