Announcement of thousands of crores of Nirmala, but not a smile on the face of farmers

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a relief package for the agriculture sector as part of the self-reliant India campaign, but the farmers are not happy with the government and are planning to get on the road soon. Farmers' organizations say that the government is distributing loans in the name of relief.

        • Farmer's demand, government give money under direct benefit

        • 'Farmer is not self dependent but will be forced to commit suicide'

Due to the Corona crisis and the lockdown, the fruits and vegetables of the farmers of the country have been ruined, then milk and other crops - wheat, gram, mustard, etc., have been forced to sell at a paltry price. In such a situation, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced a relief package for the agricultural sector under the self-sufficient India campaign, but the farmers are not happy with the government and are planning to get on the road soon. Farmers' organizations say that in the name of relief, the government is distributing loans, this will force the farmer to commit suicide rather than self-reliance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a package of 20 lakh crores to bring the country's economy back on track. Under this, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the package for agriculture sector on Thursday, saying that 3 crore small and marginal farmers will be given an additional loan of Rs 30 thousand crore at a cheaper rate. Fishermen and livestock farmers have been included in 25 lakh new farmer credit card holders, who will be able to take loans up to 2 lakhs.

Apart from this, the Finance Minister said that 3 crore farmers have already been benefited from the loan of Rs. 4 lakh crore. Facility of 3 months moratorium on agricultural loans of farmers has been given, which has been increased from 1 March to 31 May. 6700 thousand crore rupees have been provided to the procurement firms of the State Governments for purchasing the crops of the farmers.

Rakesh Tikait, spokesperson of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, says that what is new in the economic package announced for farmers, besides extending the agricultural loan for three months and giving loans with a new Kisan Credit Card? Farmers are already borrowers of banks, so no one is in a position to take any risk by taking a new loan. With these announcements of the government, the farmer will turn towards suicide rather than self-sufficiency. He said that the farmer is feeling cheated. To compensate for the loss of farmers and for loan waiver, the Indian Farmers Union will soon go on the road and agitate

All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee convenor Sardar VM Singh said that the government is providing financial help to the street vendors is a good thing, but the street vendors were selling fruits and vegetables from the farmers, no help to it . In the lockdown, the capital of the farmer planted on the crop was completely ruined. In such a situation, the government needed financial help to compensate the farmer for the loss, but the Finance Minister neither discussed the crop waste of the farmers nor paid the sugarcane farmers.

VM Singh says that we hoped that the sugarcane farmer would take a big decision on the payment of Rs 12,000 crore. The government would have paid the sugarcane farmer from the relief package and would have recovered it from the sugar owners after two to three months. With this, at least 40 lakh farmers would have started eating and drinking at home. The Finance Minister said that the government is asking to give the old loan of the farmer till May 31. The farmer will go to the field on 18 May, which crop will be ready in 12 days, from which he will pay the arrears. The farmer is being made indebted by giving loans only and only.

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Devendra Sharma, an expert on agricultural affairs, says that the farmers are not going to get any relief from the announcements made by the Finance Minister. At present, farmers need direct income support, need to put money in their account. In the Corona crisis and lockdown, the way the crop of farmers has been ruined, in such a case, the government should give 10 thousand rupees to the account of a farmer. It will cost two and a half million crores.

He says that the Center has given 6700 thousand crores to the states for purchasing the crops of farmers. With this money, the state government will buy the fruits and vegetables of the farmer and transport them to the market. In this crisis, America has spent 3 billion dollars on purchasing the crop of the farmer, though he is not an agricultural country. In the village, the farmer also works under MNREGA, in such a situation the work of MNREGA should be done 200 days instead of 100 days and the minimum wage should also be increased. If the farmer is not on the road today, then his pain is not going to be seen. In this crisis, the farmer has stood firmly with the country, even after this, the government is only applying a loan fair in the name of his relief.

BJP spokesman Zafar Islam says that our government is taking complete care of the farmers in this hour of crisis. The announcements of the Finance Minister will help farmers in a big way. The Rs 2 lakh crore concessional loan to farmers and fishermen is a positive step for farmers. 30 thousand crore additional funding will give relief to small farmers in the agricultural sector. Apart from this, we are constantly sending money to farmers' accounts and buying their crops at a reasonable price. The government has done relief work by increasing the liability of crop loan of the farmer by three months. The Modi government will not let the farmers be disappointed, the Finance Minister said that more announcements will be made about the farmers. Under no circumstances will farmers be hurt.

Bhartiya Kisan Union general secretary Dharmendra Malik said that the government wants to keep farmers in debt trap. The Finance Minister has announced to allow the farmer only in the name of relief, it is not a relief for the farmer. We need to compensate the loss of the farmer and not the need for debt. The farmer is most worried, in such a way the minimum income guarantee scheme, the amount of respect fund for farmers increased to 24000 annually, waiving all kinds of loans of farmers, fruits, vegetables, milk, poultry, beekeepers, fish producing farmers. Measures should be taken to compensate for the loss. The Modi government is concerned about the corporate houses, on which they have been looting the wealth and resources of the country.

Dr. Krishnveer Singh Chaudhary, National President of the Indian Farmers Society, who is considered a supporter of BJP, is also sad. They say that they have disappointed the farmers with the announcements of the Finance Minister. In the way the crop has been ruined in the lockdown, the interest of the loan of the farmer should be waived and the liability should be increased for at least one year for three months. Apart from this, financial help should be given to compensate the loss of crop of the farmer. The Finance Minister has repeated the old things. Credit has already been made to the farmer, so some better and historical steps need to be taken for the farmers.

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