Will solar eclipse mark the end of 2020 coronavirus?

 A scientist in Chennai has claimed that the outbreak of COVID-19 is related to the solar eclipse on December 26 last year.

Source: ANI and One India

Nuclear and Earth Scientist Drs. KL Sundar Krishna believes that due to the fission energy emitted after a solar eclipse, the coronavirus has broken down after a mutated particle interaction of the first neutron.

Speaking to ANI, the scientist said, "Since December 2019, coronaviruses have come to destroy our lives. According to my understanding, after December 26, the solar system has a planetary configuration with the new alignment, When the last solar eclipse occurred. "

"The virus has originated from the upper atmosphere due to inter-planetary force variations, a new alignment in which Earth has created a favourable environment. For the first neutrons (no charge in nature), most of the fission is coming out of the energy. The sun. From, '' he said.

"They may have initiated nuclei (nucleus formation) with foreign absorbing material that may have been a nucleus of biomolecules, a biomolecular interaction occurred in the upper atmosphere. Mutation of biomolecular structure (protein) may be a possible source. Virus, ”Sundara Krishna elaborated this further.

They believe that the upcoming solar eclipse 2020 may prove to be a turning point and make coronavirus dormant.

Krishna also claimed that this is a natural process and hence there is no need to panic people. They believe that sunlight and solar eclipse will be a natural cure for the virus.

Krishna said, "We need not panic because it is a natural process occurring in the planetary configuration. Sun and solar eclipse will be the natural treatment of this virus."
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