What is our position in the world?

From the physics count, the weight of 1 # coronavirus is 0.85 aortogram i.e. 0.00000000000000000085 gram.

The report of a virus in an infected human being can be positive only if it is at least 70 billion. The 70 billion viruses weigh about 0.0000005 grams.
To date, nearly 4 million people worldwide have been infected with corona. If we collect all these coronaviruses then the total weight is 2 grams. That is, this 2 gram has shaken the whole world and the world has lost billions and trillions of rupees.

Due to this 2 gram virus, the entire earth's environment has reset. God needed only 2 grams of the virus to correct the ruined earth of man, and with this, the innumerable creatures of the world became happy and the earth became revived.

Just understand the immense power and principle of God.

And love nature and protect it, not mess with it
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