Stay Home Stay Empowered: This is the best time for technology-based innovation and startup

At present, while there are many difficulties in the industry, many new opportunities are also coming out. After the lockdown, many new things have emerged in the digital world. Along with career prospects in these fields, opportunities for entrepreneurship have also increased. In this era, how to open startups, NASSCOM COE-IOT is working in this direction.

We talked to Ankur Gupta, Principal Secretary (Department of Information Technology Electronics and Communication) and Sanjiv Malhotra, CEO of NASSCOM COE-IOT, about how he could open a new path of growth in the future.

IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Sanjiv Malhotra says that IOT and Artificial Intelligence will open new opportunities for employment with startups in the future. It will serve as a growth engine for industry and economy. IoT does not focus on just one industry, but it is very useful for different domains and industries. As a NASSCOM COE, we work with the industry and know what their needs are. We are taking Startup as a solution to them. The advantage of this is that the startup gets the job done and the industry problem is solved.

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He says that NASSCOM's Center of Excellence works closely with the industry. The project was initiated by NASSCOM COE in association with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (METI). We had set up a lab. A startup does not have funds for equipment and measurement, so we set it up in the lab. The government took it forward with a good response. We connect startups to funding organizations, connect to a technology network and then connect customers. 

People's mindset about digital has changed, as well as the need has increased, which will give a boost to technology in the coming times. Together with Meti and the Government of Haryana, we have opened NASSCOM COE-IOT in Karnataka, Ahmedabad in association with Meti and Government of Karnataka in Haryana. Going to open it in Andhra Pradesh too.

You can understand this with an example, as people wear fitness bands, it is monitored throughout the day. AI-based X-rays are coming in some places. At present, according to the rule, the opinion of the doctor is necessary. In addition, the entire cab process is handled by the server in the aggregator cab service.

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Haryana's Principal Secretary (Department of Information-Technology Electronics and Communication) Ankur Gupta says that the Haryana government is continuously working on an innovative idea, independent thinking, etc. in the state. She is constantly helping startups. We have opened incubation centers at seven universities in the state. Each university is given a grant of three million for this. We have started a portal with various stakeholder startups, incubators, industry, etc.

A United Nations Technology Innovation Lab has also been set up, through which women entrepreneurs will be encouraged. The Government of Haryana and NASSCOM COE-IOT are working together to solve the problem of the start-up. It has world-class facilities such as three-D printers, power analyzers, testing equipment, etc. Apart from this, we keep doing in-depth sessions, funding and technical sessions, etc. for market information.

Make in India demand

Sanjeev says that technologically is going to be very important in the coming time. We have been continuously implementing this technology and innovation in NASSCOM COE-IOT for some time now. Startups will bring out bigger products, which will have drawbacks, they will be improved by improving. This will also increase Make in India products. We introduce these startups to companies, whether the company is from India or outside. Many times companies also like these products.

Many companies have started using these startups. We are bringing such solutions in the industry, which are effective and of reasonable price. Make in India products will have flexibility. We are serving two objectives, one is Make in India and one is Digital India. Our main job is to promote innovation. We have also been successful to a great extent in this work.

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With the increase in innovation, employment prospects will also increase in the country. Our aim is to see India as an innovation destination. It should be made a consumer economy. So that we can sell our products and new experiments to outside countries too. He says that I know of some solutions which were made by small companies and adopted by hospitals.

It is our endeavor to provide health care, manufacturing, retail solutions such that companies become globally competitive. Ankur Gupta, Principal Secretary (Department of Information Technology Electronics and Communication), Haryana, says NASSCOM COE IOT is working with the state government to take the products made by the startup to the people and industry. It provides a platform for these startups as well as encourages them. We also organized a three-month virtual mentorship workshop series during COVID.

How-to startup

Nasscom COE-IOT CEO Sanjeev Malhotra says that before starting a startup, keep these things in mind-


If you are starting a startup, then see what its value is, what problem is going to be solved. See also where it is needed.

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Experience in Industry:

Be sure to get experience in the industry before starting a startup. Three to four years of experience are also very important. With this, you can increase your knowledge. Also, check your skills, for example, I belong to marketing and have knowledge of engineering. For example, if you are a mechanical engineer, then you should also have practical knowledge of computer science. You can find it in the company.

Mentor and Idea:

Make sure the preparation is done before starting the startup. Choose a better, knowledgeable mentor. Assess a good idea that suits the market needs.

financial situation

Also check your financial status, as it takes some time for the startup to run fully. Assess its financial condition. For example, he can extract his price.

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Risk Potential:

How much passion do you have to work, how much ability to take a risk. Before opening the startup, make sure to assess it. It is better to take risks at an early age.

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